Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks readers

Happy Holidays and warm wishes to all those who have read my blog. As of yesterday, I had over 500 unique visitors and over 4100 hits since I made my first posting. 

Also, thanks for all the emails I have received commenting on my blog. I did have a clue that the "barrel child" issue was salient to some. However, I was a bit shocked by the number of people touched by my experiences.

The Rosary Boys RC postings had the most views by far.

I will be putting the postings together for a book. I believe I have enough material for the first book. Also, some of the most funny, inspirational, and melancholic postings are not on the blog. However, they will be in the book - depending on the discretion of the editor.

During the holidays, I will write a bit more about family life when I first came to NYC. I have focused more on my interactions at school in recent post. I am excited at the opportunity to write this chapter of the story.

Once again, Thanks! 

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