Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Facebook page on Barrel children

There is a new Facebook page on barrel children. I did not create it. But it seems fairly new. Access it here.

Karen McPharlane's article on barrel kids

Karen's article is very interesting. It can be found here. She gives a good description of the challenges faced by parents who migrate to the US and leave their children behind in the Caribbean. The challenges indicated by Karen are especially arduous for undocumented parents.

She argues that individuals returning to the Caribbean should not hyper-inflate their living standards in the US without also conveying real life challenges. Nevertheless, she does recognize that parents do not make these decisions lightly. And often they grieve over the separation from their children. 

There is a lot of good points embedded in her article that guides us to intervention points.

Brook Larmer's Newsweek article on Barrel children

Brooks Larmer piece on barrel children in the Caribbean was the first article on this issue published in a mainstream periodical in the U.S. I am placing a link to the article here so that we can revisit it.